The Perfect Holster for My Husband

My husband has always only had one holster for his gun. It is nearly 13 years old though, and the wear and tear on it is indicating that it is near the end of its life. I wanted to surprise him with a new one, so I went online to look at ones that I thought he would like. As soon as I saw the four in one Tagua holster, I knew that it was the one for him. He was only able to carry his gun inside his waistband, but he has often said how he wishes sometimes it could be on the outside.

With this holster, he would be able to wear it both ways. There are also two other positions that he can use for it, but I already knew that he would not want either one. It can be worn for cross draw, or it can be worn in the small of his back. He has never used either of these ways, and I knew that he would not be interested in them now either. I did like how he would be able to use this one holster to wear it both ways that he does like though.

Even though Tagua is a great brand that has a solid reputation, I still wanted to read more about it to make sure it was definitely the right choice. It is a leather holster, which is what his old one is. It also has a strong clip for wearing it inside the waistband, and then there are slots on it too so he can put it on his belt and wear it on the outside. I went ahead and bought it, figuring we could return it if he did not like it. That was not a problem though because he really liked it a lot, and he started wearing it the same day it arrived!

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